The Sagamore Hills Civic Association membership year is based on a calendar year. Membership is open to all residents and homeowners in the Sagamore Hills subdivision.

Annual dues are $35.00 and may be paid sending the form below along with your check to:

Treasurer, Sagamore Hills Civic Association
P O Box 49207
Atlanta, GA 30359

Your additional contributions are encouraged to support Sagamore Hills Beautification, Security, and Legal expenses. Please designate to which fund(s) your additional contribution is to be allocated.

Beautification Funds are ear-marked for plantings surrounding each of our 10 columns at entrances to the subdivision. The landscaper who plants and maintains these areas is paid by the Civic Association; not with beautification donations. In the past, beautification funds have built the columns as well as provided the sign toppers on each of our road signs. Watch the Signal for more projects as they are identified. Feel free to suggest projects to the Beautification Committee.

Security Funds are used solely to pay off-duty policemen to patrol Sagamore Hills in marked and unmarked police cars. The number of shifts is dependent on the generosity and concern of Sagamore residents.

Legal Funds are used to fight creeping zoning infringement as well as suits that are brought against the neighborhood. Sagamore residents are determined to keep Sagamore Hills a safe and wholesome place in which to live

Sagamore Hills Civic Association, Inc.
         Membership Dues Enrollment & Directory Information

January – December, 2015

Membership dues for 2015 are now due. 
Make checks payable to Sagamore Hills Civic Association, Inc.  
$35.00          Annual Membership Dues for 2015    
Optional Designated Donations
______          Beautification Fund
______          Security Patrol Fund   ($125/year suggested)
______          Total Enclosed
Directory Information:
Home Owners: 1. __________________________Phone: __________( __ do not list)
                                      E-Mail: ________________________________________
                         2. __________________________Phone: __________( __ do not list)
                                      E-Mail: ________________________________________
Address:  _________________________________________________________
City & Zip:  ___________________________Home Phone:  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_________________
Other household members over 18

Last Name

First Name

E-Mail Address

Preferred Phone Contact Number

















As always, the Board welcomes your comments, suggestions, and concerns.  Use this space for your comments:




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